ADD AC23152501NA Bronco Adaptive Cruise Control Bracket



  • Disconnect the negative battery terminal. Park the vehicle on level ground and set the emergency brake.
  • We recommend reading through the installation instructions in whole before performing the work.
  • When button head bolts are being used, install the supplied washer on the nut side. Then, hold the bolt station-ary and only turn the nut to tighten. Do not turn the bolt to tighten hardware assembly, unless otherwise noted.
  • Estimated Installation Time: Add 1.5 Hours on Top of Bumper Install

**Labor Rates are based on a vehicle with no pre-existing damage. Wiring labor is based on a standard wiring procedure with light switches installed in an easily accessible location. Custom light triggering or switch mounting location will result in a greater labor charge.**

You will need the following tools:

  • Ratchet
  • 7mm Socket
  • 13mm Socket
  • Allen Wrench Set
  • 8mm Socket
  • 12mm Socket
  • 7/16″ Socket & Wrench
  • 10mm Socket
  • snips

Included in Kit:

  • 3Black Button Head Bolts (1/4”-20 x 1″) 3 – Black Lock Nuts (1/4”-20)
  • B1racket Base Plate
  • 3Black Nylon Lock Nut (3/8”-16)
  • 3 – Black Washers (3/8”)
  • 3 – Black Washers (1/4”)
  • 6 – Aluminum Spacers
  • 1 – Bracket Top Plate
  • 3 – Black Button Head Bolts (3/8”-16 x 1 1/4″)

**When installing this with an aftermarket bumper, you should follow the re-moval section of the bumper install guide, then follow the installation section of this guide, and finally follow the installation section of your bumper guide.**


  1. After removing the front bumper you will have access to the cruise control device, there is a plastic cover that protects the cruise control that can be pulled off. (Fig A)ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-1
  2. After the cover has been pulled off, disconnect it from the wiring harness which will allow you to pull out the cruise control device. (Fig B) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-2
  3.  After the cruise control bracket has been taken out, disassemble the cruise control device from the bracket that is held in place by 3 mounting points. We recommend using a flat head to get between the bracket and the device to free them from each other. (Fig C) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-3
  4. Use a flathead and remove the rubber gasket from the 3 areas that have a rubber gasket. After the rubber gaskets have been removed you can set in the provided spacers into the same 3 areas the gaskets were removed from. (Fig D) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-4
  5. After the cruise control device has been installed on the mounting bracket with the supplied hardware, install the bracket to the metal plate. (Fig E) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-5
  6. After the bracket has been assembled you can now take off the radiator shroud. There is a total of 9 clips that.(Fig F) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-6
  7. After the clips have been pulled out take out the shroud.
  8. After the radiator shroud is removed there will be 4 bolts that are 8mm that hold the top of the inner grille, there will be 2 on each side. (Fig G)  ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-7
  9. There are 2 plugs that are attached to the inner grill which will need to be disconnected before removing the inner grille. The brown plug to disconnect push down on the clip and pull back, the black plug you will squeeze the sides together and pull. (Fig H) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-8
  10. Before the headlights can be removed you will need to take off the fender that is held in place by 5 latches that need to be flipped down as shown below. (Fig I) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-9
  11.  After the clips have been flipped down then you are able to remove the fended by pulling straight out.(Fig J)ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-10
  12. After the fender as been removed you are able to take off the front valance by pulling on it. The Valance is held in by clips shown below. (Fig K) There are no tools required to pull off the valance.ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-11
  13. There are 2 screws on top of each headlight and 1 at the bottom for a total of 6. They are 10mm screws, you will need to takes these off to remove the headlight. There is also 1 plastic clip on each headlight that needs to be removed as well. The screw hidden under the headlight will re-quire you to pull the valance out to give you more room. The valance is clipped in place. (Fig L)ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-12
  14. After the headlights have been removed you will gain access to the 4 bolts that hold the inner grille, there are 2 bolts on each side. 2 bolts will be visible on each end, the other 2 are down low under the valance you will have to access from under the Bronco. (Fig M) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-13
  15. Once the bolts have been taken out, the inner grille can be removed, Once it is removed from the Bronco you will need to take out the fins from the driver side to make room for the relocation bracket. You will also need to make a cut as well for more clearance. (Fig N)ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-14
  16. After the inner grille has been removed from the Bronco, on the backside of the inner grille on the driver side take the side mounted bracket off. After it has been taken off you will need to use a flat head screw driver to pry out one end of the fin which will release the opposite side. (Fig O) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-15
  17. After the bracket has been taken off you will be able to take out the fins. We recommend using a flat head to pry out the fins on one side which will release the other side. You only need to take out the top 2 fins which the bracket held in place. After that you need to cut out the section shown in. (Fig P). ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-16
  18. Re-install the inner grille that has now been modified to fit the cruise control bracket back into the Bronco. Now you are ready to install the cruise control device which has already been assembled on the bracket. This will go over the inner grille using the same mounting points and same hardware that was used to hold it in place. (Fig Q)ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-17
  19. (For this step you will need to remove the bumper to gain access to the intercooler shroud, refer to a Bronco Front Bumper install guide for instructions for removal) Now you will need to get more slack on the connecting wire for the cruise control since it has been relocated far from the stock placement. The first step is to take out the plastic guide from the intercooler. (Fig R) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-18
  20. After the plastic guard has been removed, there are 4 bolts that hold the intercooler fins in place, take out the 4 bolts which will give you access to the backside where you can free up some slack from the cruise control line. (Fig S) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-19
  21. After the intercooler guard has been unbolted you can now free up the wiring for the cruise control device by pulling it off the clips that held it in place shown in (Fig T). ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-20
  22. After the wiring has been freed by pulling the plastic tabs that held it in place, you will need to unravel and cut back the wiring to have enough length to reach the relocated ACC device. (Fig U) (Cut ACC Connector wire back to the main harness to have enough length) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-22
  23. Re-install plastic guard and run the cruise control wiring back up to the relocation device. (Fig V)ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-23
  24. When installing the Inner grille piece you will need to cut a slit to run the wiring thought. (Fig W)ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-24
  25. After extending the wiring harness you can plug it into the Cruise Control device. (Fig U) ADD-AC23152501NA-Bronco-Adaptive-Cruise-Control-Bracket-FIG-25
  26. Reinstall your grille by reversing Steps 6-10
  27. If you are installing an aftermarket bumper, follow the installation part of that guide now. As your are put-ting the bumper back on the vehicle, you will have to fish the extended ACC wiring (from Step 18) through he grille to plug the module in.
  28. If you are reinstalling your OEM bumper, install the wiring harness back onto the bumper, then reverse Steps 1-5. As your are putting the bumper back on the vehicle, you will have to fish the extended ACC wiring (from Step 8) through the grille to plug the module in.
  29. Stand back and enjoy your new ADD Adaptive Cruise Control Bracket.
  30. Check and re-tighten, if needed, all mounting bolts after 100 miles and periodically thereafter.

**If your Adaptive Cruise Control is not sensitive enough you may have to go back and adjust the tilt. Pointing it higher (towards the sky) will make it less sensitive, while pointing it down (towards the ground) will make it more sensi-tive.**

This product is protected by one or more U.S. patents Addictive Desert Designs®
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