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1 Introduction & Functions


Please read the operating instructions completely and observe the safety and operating information before using the product.
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Heart rate monitor

Alarm signal when the current heart rate is above or below the heart rate you preset.

Display of maximum/minimum heart rate, calculation of average with APPs on iOS system.

2 Package contents

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Adjustable rubber strap
  • One CR2032 coin cell battery (possibly already inserted)
  • Operating instructions
Product illustration

Product illustration

3 Package contents

Battery compartment

Battery compartment

Wearing direction


Snap button for transmitter

Snap button for transmitter

4 Wearing method

1. Moisten the eletrodes of the chest strap with some water or contact gel ( see the two arrows and the drop symbols in the illustration below).

Wearing method

2. Attach the transmitter to the chest-belt with the snap button securely in the right direction. (wrong direction may cause false detection)

Wearing method
5 Wearing method

3. Put on the chest strap as illustrated below. Make sure the chest strap is put on correctly. The length of the rubber strap is adjustable.

Put on the chest strap

Put on the chest strap
4. Bust Size: Min 75cm – Max 150cm

6 Battery replacement

1. Detach the transmitter from the belt.

Battery replacement

2. Use a coin to open the battery compartment on the back. Turn the battery compartment lid anti-clockwise until it can be taken out.

Battery replacement

7 Battery replacement

3. Insert a type CR2032 coin cell battery into the battery compartment with the correct polarity. Close the battery compartment lid and reattach the transmitter back to the belt.

Battery replacement coin cell battery
8 Trouble shooting

If the heart rate is not displayed or is inaccurate:

  • Make sure that both contact surfaces directly touch the skin and that the chest strap is not put on too loosely.
  • Moisten the contact surfaces e.g. with water if the skin is too dry.
  • Check the battery in the chest strap and replace it if necessary.
  • Other radio systems (e.g. other wireless heart rate monitors or wireless bicycle computers) disturb the transmission.

9 Specifications

a). Heart rate monitor

Power supply………….. 1 CR2032 battery Design…………………….Splash-proof
(Not suitable for swimming, diving, bathing)

b). Chest-belt

(Suitable for hand washing but not machine washing)

10 Compatibility

This device is a Bluetooth Smart product, which is compatible with other smart devices integrated with Bluetooth 4.0 module with the latest OS firmware.

OS requirement:

iOS 6.1 or above

Compatible applications:
  1.  Strava
  2. Wahoo Fitness
  3. Wahoo Utility
  4. Fitbeat HRM (iOS only)

*( It’s subject to change due to app update)

11 Installing App and Pairing

The following steps are for use with iPhone.
The App is also available for Android through Google Play.

  1. Search, download and install the ‘Strava’ App onto your phone
  2. Ensure Bluetooth is turned “ON” on your phone
  3. Run the ‘Strava’ App, the following screen should appear

Installing App and Pairing A

4. Create a new account or sign in
5. The following screen should appear

Installing App and Pairing
6. Press “More” at the bottom right corner.
7. Select “Settings”.
8. Select “External Devices”
9. The following screen will appear, turn on “Bluetooth Sensors”, and wait for the Heart Rate Monitor to connect.

Installing App and Pairing
10. Once it is connected, you will be able to see the “bpm” reading appear under “Heart Rate” or return to the “Record“ page to check your reading.

Actiiv Heart Rate Monitor User Manual ACMMD004 – Optimized PDF
Actiiv Heart Rate Monitor User Manual ACMMD004 – Original PDF

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