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Acer S1386WHn
Experience the advantages of short-distance projection at close range

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  • Resolution: WXGA (1,280 x 800 px)
  • Brightness: 3,600 (standard), 2,880 (eco) ANSI lumens
  • Contrast: 20,000:1
  • Lamp life (hr.): 5,000 (standard), 6,000 (eco), 10,000 (ExtremeEco)
  • Warranty: 3 years PickUp service, 1 year for the lamp, 5 years for the DLP Chip
  • Usage recommendation: Perfect for school, university, and the modern meeting room

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acer Projector -SPECIFICATIONS

Ordering Information

Model S 1386WHn
Part  Number M R.JQH11..001
EAN 4713883595780

Technical Specifications

Projection technology DLP 3D Ready & HDMI 3D
DLP Chip 0.65- BrilliantColorTM
Version DarkChipT” 3 DMD
Resolution WXGA (1,280 x 800 px)
Display Format 16:10 (native) / 4:3 & 16:9 (supported)
Contrast 20,000:1
Displayable Colours 1.07 Billion Colors
Brightness 3,600 (standard), 2,880 (eco) ANSI lumens
Focus / Focal distance F = 2.80 / f = 7.51 mm
Projection size (diagonal) 0.91″‘ 7.62 m
Projection distance 0.40 – 3.40 m
Throw ratio 0.52:1
Zoom / Digital-Zoom 1:1.0x / 2x
Image Offset 115 %
Horizontal / Vertical frequency 15′” 100 kHz/24 – 120 Hz
Projection Modes Front- / Rear- & Front-Ceiling- / Rear-Ceiling-Projection
Lamp / type 220 watt Osram UHP
Lamp life (hr.) 5,000 (standard), 6,000 (eco), 10,000 (ExtremeEco)
Keystone Correction +/- 15° (vertical) manual, +/- 10° (horizontal) manual, 4-Corner Adjustment
Speaker 1x 16 watt
Weight / incl. packaging (kg) 3.10 kg /3.72 kg
Dimensions / Shipping dimensions (mm) 313 x255 x 114 /400 x 168x 340
Power Consumption 270 (standard). 210 (eco). < 0.5 watt (standby)
Noise level 32 (standard), 24 (eco) dB
Uniformity (%) 85%

Input Ports

HDMI with  HDCP 1 x
HDMI / MHL with  HDCP 1 x
VGA  analog  D-Sub 2 x
Composite  Video  RCA 1 x
Audio in  (3..5mm) 1 x
Network  RJ45 1 x  ((Projection  &&  Monitoring)

Output Ports

USB Type-A 1x DC Out 5V
Audio out (3.5 mm) 1 x
D-Sub Out (for Monitor Loop Through) lx

Network and Control Ports

RS232 1 x

Included Accessory

PIN security card PIN security
Power adapter IEC 320 C13 1x (Euro-plug)
VGA cable 15pol 1 x(1.8 m)
IR remote control incl batteries 1x(PgUp / PgDown & freeze & laser pointer function) white
Lens cap 1x
User Manual on CD 1x
Quick Start Guide 1x

Optional Accessory

Spare lamp 4713883594042 / MCIQH11.001
Universal ceiling mount short 4713147892877 / MC.ILC11.002
Universal ceiling mount long 4713147892884 / MC.ILC11.033
Acer 3D Shutterbrille 4713147532261 / MC.IFZ11.00B
Acer WirelessHD Kit 4713147715251 / MC.IKY11.009
Acer CastMaster Buttons 4710180557206 / MC.40511.00N
Acer Wireless Mirror 4713883764520 / MC.IQC11 008
Acer CastMaster Touch 4710180784336 / MC.40511.00Y


Warranty 3 years PickUp service. 1 year for the lamp. 5 years for the DLP Chip

Usage recommendation

Usage recommendation Perfect for school, university, and the modern meeting room

Projection Distance Calculator

Projection Distance Calculator


Acer ColorBoost 3D:
Acer ColorBoost 3D is the innovative combination of a continuously improved image processing algorithm, the latest DLP chipset, an optimized design of the 6-segment color wheel, and advanced lighting control technology. As a result. Acer projectors are able to project absolutely lifelike colors throughout their life cycle – in both 20 and 3D modes.

color booest
Acer Color Safe II
Acer ColorSafe II guarantees consistent, brilliant, and natural color projection throughout the life of the projector. This is ensured by the use of DIP® technology and a 5-year warranty on the DLPS chip. Projectors without DLPIO technology experience a decrease in color brilliance over time.

acer Projector -Ace r Co lo r SSaafe IIIAC Power On
With the AC Power On function, the projector is able to turn on automatically when the projector is powered. You no longer need to turn on the projector separately but can start the projector directly. For example by turning on the power in the meeting room.

acer Projector -AC Powe r OOnHDMI Pamir On
With the HMI Power On function, the projector is able to turn on automatically when the projector receives a signal via HDMI or VGA. You no longer need to start the projector separately, but can simply switch on your notebook, receiver, or game console, and the projector veal automatically switches on as well.

acer Projector -i-opawer onCraton LAN Control
Thanks to LAN Control & Projection, you can control and administrate the projector directly via a LAN network. In addition to complete functional control of the projector. automatic e-mail notification of service requirements is also possible. In addition to controlling the projector, content from the network can also be projected directly via LAN?
• The LAN projection is model-dependent. It is available if the R145 (LAN) connection is marked ‘for control & projection”.

acer Projector -C re st ro nn LLAANN Co nnttro lCustomizable startup screen
The Customizable Startup Screen allows you to create an individual startup screen per screenshot. This startup screen, no matter if it Is the business user’s company logo or a home user’s Favorite photo, is automatically displayed when the projector is started.

HDMI 3D: The integrated HDt411.4a standard allows 3D content to be transferred from suitable playback devices such as 3D Blu-ray players, 3D set-top boxes, and 3D game consoles without the need for an additional PC. For example, Acer 3D shutter glasses Bluray 3D movies, and 3D TV shows can be viewed in your living room up to 7.62 meters (300′) diagonal.

acer Projector H DDMMI

Acer Smart Format Technology
Acer SmartFormat technology supports a wide range of input signals. eliminating the need for switching on your notebook/RC, DUD player, and receiver. Signals up to 1080p can be received by Acer ColorBoost projectors with HDMR using AcerSmartFonnat technology and can be played back in compressed form.
•Depends on model

acer Projector -S mmaarrtt Fo rrmmaattOriginal 24p
Experience true cinema at 24 frames per second. The Acer Blu-Ray projector reproduces films in the original cinema format as they were shot on the film set. See 24p movies through the eyes of the director.

acer Projector -O rriiggiinnaall 2244p

Ater LumiSense
Acer LumiSense technology uses an ambient light sensor to detect brightness in the projection environment and adjust brightness and color saturation accordingly. In addition, Acer LumiSense also analyzes the projected image and dynamically optimizes the quality of the displayed image.

acer Projector - Lu mmiiSSeennsseInstallation menu
With the help of the installation menu, the Acer projector can be perfectly aligned with the surface to be projected in no time at all. The Installation menu can be accessed by pressing the Menu button even if no source is connected to the projector.

acer Projector -I nnst aallllaattiioonn mmeennu

Quick Detection
The Quick Detection function quickly. reliably and automatically detects the connected source and immediately displays the image. Supported by SmartFormat technology, the projector can project immediately without any major adjustments.

acer Projector -Q uuiicck DDeete ccttiioon
MHL Connectivity
The MHL connectivity (via the MHLTM/HDMP“ port) allows you to transmit an uncompressed digital HDMI signal from your smartphone while it is charging via the port. Using the unique optional Ater MHL wireless adapter, content can even be wirelessly transferred from a video source to the projector via Miracast Win Display, WiDi Wireless Display, or DLNA.

acer Projector - M HHLL Co nnnneeccttiivviittyMultimedia Playback
Multimedia Playback: Project images, videos, music, O office files, or PDF documents directly from the USB stick_ You don’t even have to switch on your PC!

acer Projector - usb reade

Wall Color Compensation
Wall-Color Compensation: Best image quality enables wall color correction on colored projection surfaces such as blackboards and wallpaper. S optimized wall colors can be compensated easily and without any further settings via the menu for the best picture quality.

acer Projector - usb reade2PIN Security
Acer PIN Security provides the ability to set a PIN to protect the Acer projector from unauthorized use and theft. A lost PIN can only be reset by the Acer Service after ownership verification.

acer Projector - P IINN SSeeccuurriitty

Auto Shutdown
The Auto Shutdown function automatically shuts down the Acer projector, if no input signal is received after a preset time. This function can be set individually via the menu and helps to save power and lamp hours.

acer Projector - Au to SShhuutd ow n

Short Throw Distance
Short Distance Projection: Thanks to Short Distance Projection, you can project an incredibly large Image even at the smallest projection distance.
Short Distance projectors are particularly suitable for schools or conference rooms, but also for any room with limited size. Thanks to a short distance, you don’t have to do without a projection experience even In small rooms.

acer Projector - S hhoorrtt TThhrow DDiist aannc

Due to our ongoing commitment to the continuous improvement &the quality of ow products this data sheet is subject to change without notice. Availability may vary from region to region. Acer is not responsible roe any errors or omissions in the product descriptiOnS. Copyright 2020 Ater Computer GmbH. Germany. All right reserved. After the end of them, the logo is regiStered tret/tmarld OIACte kX0r0Orated. Pi other mentioned or otherwise recognizable trademarks registered trademarks and service marks are the property clear respective ounces All prices started ace recommended retail prices of the manufacture.

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