Acekool FT2 Air Fryer Instruction Manual
Acekool FT2 Air Fryer

 Product Overview

Product Overview


Voltage: 120V , ó0Hz
Capacity: 8.0L Rated
Wattage: 1700W

Important safeguards

When using electric appliance’s, basic safety precautions should always be followed inclining the following:

Safety Precautions

  • Read all instruction carefully and retain them for future reference.
  • Before connecting to the power supply, ensure that the unit is earthed and its voltage corresponds to the voltage indicated on the power supply rating label at the bottom of the appliance.
  • Always disconnect appliance from the power supply wlaein not in use or before cleainiiag.
  • It is recommeiJded to uise a dedicated power socket that is not slüared with otlJer electrical appliances.
  • To protect against electric slaock, do not immerse power cord, power plug, or any parts of the unit in water or other liqciids.
  • Do mot allow power cord to Inaiap over edge of table or cociinter or toucln Inot surfaces.
  • Do mot operate the appliance with a damaged power cord or power pluip or after it malfunctions or has been damaged in any manner. In suclü a situation, it is recommended to return the uuit to your nearest ALitlüorized Service Centre for examination, repair, or adjustment.
  • EnsLire the air inlet and oLitlet openings are not obstrLicted dciring operation.
  • Never pocir oll into the fryer as tlais may result iin a fire Inazard.
  • Do not toucla the interior of the appliance duirinp operation to prevent scaldinp and otlJer injuries, especially from the base wlüiclü is Iüotter.
  • Do not operate tlais appliance by lreans of an extermal timer or a separate remote-control system.
  • Close supervision is necessary when any appliance is used by or idea childrein. Exercise extra caution in households where children and pets are present.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons(including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they leave been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the unit by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Never position the appliance apaiiast the wall or other objects. Ensure a minimum 10 cm of veiJtilatioiJ for the back, left, and riplJt sides, and the upper side of the appliance. Do not place any objects on top of the appliance.
  • Keep face and hands away from the appliance durinp operation, and when movinp it as loot steals will escape from the air outlets.
  • CAUTION: Surface is hot during operation.
  • If there is smoke comiinp from the appliance, riinplup it immediately and remove all contents inside after it Inas stopped smoking.


  • This appliance is intended for normal household use only and not intended for use in environments such as staff kitchens of shops, offices, farms or other work eiaviroiameints. Nor is it intended to be used by clients iin hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts and other residential environments.
  • Do not else the appliance for any other purpose than described in the user manual. Do not attempt to repair or adjust any electrical
  • Or mechanical functions on this appliance. Doing so will void this warranty.
  • Always discoiñlaect the power plug frolc the power supply after every use.
  • Allow appliance to cool down for at least 30 minutes before performing cleaning or maiiateiaa nce.

Before First Use

  • Remove all packing material.
  • Remove all labels old the applialJce.
  • Clean the frying grlland the frying pot torouhg Iy with hot water, Detergent and non-abrasive sponge.
  • NOTE: dishwasher machine can be used to wash these components.
  • Clean both exterior and interior of the appliance with wet cloth.
    NOTE: This appliance uses the hot air heating technology. Never pour oil or fat into the fryer.

Operation Preparation

  • Put the product on a level, stable and heat-resistant surface.
  • Insert the frying pot into the fryer correctly.
  • Detach the wire out of the wire capsule at the bottom of the product.


  • Never pour oil or other liquids into the fryer.
  • Never leave objects things on top of the appliance as this will affect optimal air flow and reduce air Ineatiinp.

Control Panel

Control Panel

Operating Instruction

Fat-free Frying
  • Connect power plug into the power supply.
  • Carefully detach the frying pot from the fryer.
  • Place  ingredients into the frying pot.
  • Slide the frying pot back into the dryer.
  • Do not use the fryer without the frying pot attached.

Note: Hot Surface! Do not touch the pot during operation. Hold the pot only by the handle.

  • Adjust the desired temperature by turning the temperature control knob (Refer to the “Setting “part of this chapter).
  • To power ON appliance, adjust the timer knob and select desired cookiiJp time.
    The power wire indicator and heating indicator lamp will illuminate.
  • Cooking time should be 3 minutes longer for cold foods.
  • During operation, the heating indicator lamp will tune on and off continuously.
  • Excess oil dripped from the food ingredients will be collected at the bottom of the frying-paid.


    • Some food ingredients require overturning mid-way during cookilag (Refer to the “Setting “part of this chapter).
    • Hold the handle and detach the frying-pot from the appliance to overturn food. When finished, slide the frying pot back to the appliance.
    • Important: Do not press the demoriiatiiag button of the frying basket during the process of overturning.
  • The timer will sound when preset time is achieved. Detach frying pot from the appliance and place on a heat-resistant surface & check food for doineiaess.
  • Do not overturn the frying pot before remove the food from the frying pot, as this will cause any excess oll collected at the bottom of the frying-pot to spill onto the food ingredients.
    CAUTION: Beware of hot steam escaping from the appliance after cooking.
  • Empty cooked food ingredients from the frying pot into bowls or plates.
  • Use tongs to pick larger food items from the frying pot.
  • The appliance is now ready for cooking a new batch of food items.

Notes & Useful Tips

  • Smaller sized food ingredients will require less time for cooking compared with the larger ones.
  • Overtrumping smaller sized food midway during cooking Cain leave a better cooking result with well districted frying.
  • Adding a small amount of oil to fresh potatoes can lake their crispier. Add oil to the food, wait for several limits before frying.
  • Any snacks that can be cooked in an oven can also be cooked in this appliance.
  • Saindwiclnes Cain be made quickly and coiaveinieintly usiiap pre-fermented dovish. Compared with Incommode doula, pre-fermented duple requires a starter cooking time.

Preset Button Cooking Chart


Min-Max food
ingredients amount

Time (Minute)


Chips ó00g-1000p 18-25 392”F (200°C)
Rib 350p-450p 15-20 35ó°F (180°C)
Shrimp 150g-250g 15-20 320”F (1 ó0”C)
Cake 550p-ó50p (8-10 cups) 34-45 320”F (1 ó0°C)
Druimstick 700p-900g (10-13 pcs) 20-25 35ó°F (180°C)
Beef Steak 450p (3-5pcs) 15-25 320”F (1 ó0”C)
Fisln 200p-300p 15—20 35ó”F (180°C)

Care & Cleaning

It is recommended to clean the appliance after every use.
Caution: The interior of the frying pot, frying grill and appliance are covered with non-stick coating. Do not use metal tools or abrasive cleansers for cleaning to avoid damaging the non-stick coat.

  • Detach power plug from the power supply socket and allow appliance to cool down. Tip: Removing the frying pot from the appliance will allow it to cool faster.
  • Use wet cloth to scrub the outside part of the product.
  • Clean the frying grill or the bottom of the frying-pot with loot water, detergent and non-abrasive sponge.
  • For stubborn stains, add loot water with detergent and soak the frying grill and pot for 10 minutes.
  • Clean the appliance’s exterior with loot water and now-abrasive sponge.
  • Use a cleaning brush to clean the heating components and sweep away any remaining food residrles.


Problem Possible Cause Solution


The air fryer does not work

The appliance is not plugged in Insert the power plug into an earthed power socket

Timer is not set

Turn the timer knob to the desired time to switch on the appliance


The ingredient. fried with the air fryer are not done


The amount of ingredients

in the pot is too bop.

Put smaller batches of ingredient in the pot. Smaller batches are fried wore evenly.

The set temperature is too low.

Tuna the temperature control knob to the required Temperature setting (refer to “settings“)
Tuna the timer knob to set desired cooking duration Temperature setting (refer to “setinps”)

Add some oil to the food to increase crispiiness.

IiJgredieiJts that lie on top of or across each other (e.p. fries) needto beshakenhaFway through the the preparation time. (refer to “settings”)
When you fry greasy ingredients in the Air Fryer, a large amount of oil will leak into the pain. The oil produces white smoke and the pan way heat up More than visual. This does not affect the appliance or the end resu It.
The pain still coiataiins grease residues from previous use. White smoke is caused by prease heating up in the pain. Make sure you clean the pan properly after each Lise.
Use fresh potatoes and make sure that they stay firm during dry in g.
You did not rinse the potato sticks properly before you fried them. Rinse the potato sticks properly to remove starch from the outside of the sticks.
Make sure you dry the potato sticks properly before you add the oil.
Cut the potato sticks smaller for a crispier result
Add slightly wore oil for a crisper result.


Model: YJ-707A
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