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Accurate ProStop V2 Digital Fence & Stop System Instruction Manual

Accurate ProStop V2 Digital Fence & Stop System Instruction Manual


Accurate Technology, Inc. warrants the ProScale Systems against defective parts and workmanship for 3 years commencing from the date of original purchase. Upon notification of a defect, Accurate Technology, Inc., shall have the option to repair or replace any defective part. Such services shall be the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy. Expenses incidental to repair, maintenance, or replacement under warranty, including those for labor and material, shall be borne by Accurate Technology, Inc. (Including freight or transportation charges during the first 30 days).
Except as expressly provided in this warranty, Accurate Technology, Inc. does not make any warranties with respect to the product, either expressed or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, except as expressly provided in this agreement.
Accurate Technology, Inc. shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages or for loss, damage or expense directly or indirectly arising from the customer’s use of or inability to use the equipment either separately or in combination with other equipment, or for personal injury or loss or destruction of other property, or from any other cause.
To request repair work, (either warranty qualified parts or not) contact Accurate Technology, Inc. directly by phone or e-mail. A Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number is required before returning a product for repair.


Before installing ProStop on any machinery:
Turn off machine and LOCK-OUT POWER.

READOUT SERIAL # _______________ 

DATE OF MANUFACTURE _______________


Programming control Value
PARAMETER 2 (Reading direction) 1 (left-infeed configuration)
PARAMETER 11 (Available display units) 0 (all units)
PARAMETER 13 (Linear Correction Value)
PARAMETER 14 (ProScale Technology) 0 (Inductive)
PARAMETER 24 (Monitor Mode) 1 (enabled)

See for more details about these settings.


ProStop is a general-purpose Digital Stop & Fence System. It is ideal for use on Miter saws, Chop Saws, Radial Arm Saws, band saws, drill presses, or any other application where a moveable stop along a fixed back fence is desired. It has been designed using high quality extruded and machined parts to provide the best accuracy and repeatability.

ProStop should NOT be used as a length checking system for Quality Control; its design is not well suited for that purpose.

This manual includes installation and operation information for ProStop systems built with a ProScale General Purpose Readout with operating firmware version of 4.000 and higher.
(The firmware version is displayed when the readout is powered on using the ON/OFF key.)


Positioning Range1 : Up to 234 inches in a single section
Up to 999 inches total
Accuracy 2 : +/- 0.010 inches (0.25 mm)
Resolution Inches: 1, 2, 3, or 4 decimal places
Millimeters: 1 or 2 decimal places
Centimeters: 1, 2, or 3 decimal places
Fractions: 1/16ths, 1/32nds, or 1/64ths
Repeatability: .001in, or .01mm, or .001cm
Operating Temp: 32 to 110ºF (0 to 42 C)
Max. Slew Rate: 80 inches/sec. (2000mm/sec)
Power: 1 CR123, 3V Lithium battery

ProScale systems are intended for INDOOR use only.

  1. Positioning range is approximately 6 inches shorter than the PHYSICAL length of the aluminum fence extrusion.
  2. Maximum observed error over the entire measuring range.

ProStop Parts Identification

Electronic Scale 

ProStop systems use Inductive Series 2 Incremental electronic scales. The electronic scale includes a 2.00-inch x 0.50-inch aluminum extrusion with repeating sections of black circuit board material, as shown below.

Encoders for ProStop have black housings and 18 inch cable lengths.

Digital Readout
ProStop can operate with any of several different Digital Readouts, but is supplied with a General-Purpose readout unless otherwise specified.

New for this version readout:
A battery indicator appears on the left side of the LCD screen.
There are 3 tiers of battery shown, which represent the voltage level of the battery. When only one tier is left, a new battery should be prepared for installation.

Sliding Stop Assembly
A dual lock flip stop assembly (shown here with optional reversible 45/90 degree plate). This assembly includes the readout and the encoder.

The extruded aluminum fence provides back support for the material to be cut, and is a guideway for the Sliding Stop Assembly to read the electronic scale.

Quick Sets
Two Quick Sets are included with each ProStop system. These are useful for quickly placing the Sliding Stop assembly back to a common position.

A press-in plastic cap is provided for covering the outboard end of the fence extrusion. Use of this cap is optional.

Exploded View of Parts

(Plastic end cap is not shown above.)


Mount the Fence & Electronic Scale

(See for an installation video.)

These steps detail installation onto a table, on the left side of a chop saw.
The steps may change based on your machine type, workbench setup, or working space. If you have questions, please consult our factory for assistance.

  1. Place the fence profile next to the saw. The electronic scale will be facing AWAY from the operator, and flush with the TOP PLANE of the fence, as shown here:
  2. Align the fence so it is co-planer with any existing fences on the saw. (If there is not an existing fence, install the fence so it is perpendicular to the saw blade.
  3. Mark a line on the table/bench, along the front edge of the Fence.
  4. Remove the Fence assembly and mark a second line 7/8 inch (22mm) behind the first line (this is the CENTERLINE of the Fence).
  5. Drill mounting holes (at least 2) into the tabletop along the centerline of the Fence. The holes should be 7/16” diameter (11mm) or slightly larger.
  6. Insert the supplied 10mm bolts through the holes in the table, as shown below. Install a washer and a hex nut onto each bolt, 1 or 2 threads deep at this time.
    Note: The supplied 10mm bolts will mount ProStop to any bench/table up to 2.50 (63mm) thickness.
  7. Slide the Fence over the M10 bolts, capturing the top of each bolt in the bottom T-slot of the fence profile. After the Fence is in place, and alignment is checked with the saw, tighten all nuts using a 16mm socket/wrench, or with a crescent wrench.

Alternative installation: If the fence cannot be slipped over the M10 bolt heads, you may elect to slide the M10 bolts into the bottom of the fence first.
Then drop the entire assembly into place, guiding the M10 bolts into the benchtop holes:

Install the Sliding Stop Assembly

  1. Slide the encoder/sensor onto the electronic scale.
  2. Attach the readout bracket to the back of the sliding stop assembly. Tighten bolts.
  3. Attach the Guide Clip to the back of the sliding stop assembly. Tighten screws. NOTE: The slot in guide clip faces inward.
  4. Loosen the Stop Assembly lock handle(s) and slide the assembly onto the fence. Be sure to guide the 2 lock nuts into the upper T-slot in the fence.
  5. Slide the encoder along the electronic scale and position it under the Guide Clip on the Stop Assembly. The post on the top of the Encoder should snap into the slot on the inside of the Guide Clip.
  6. Plug the Encoder into the Digital Readout. Depending on the installation, you may find the cable length of the encoder is too long. A zip tie and sticky-back base are supplied if you wish to coil up any excess cable length. We recommend the sticky back is applied to the readout bracket.
  7. Press the DATUM key one time. The displayed value will zero out.
  8. Move the stop assembly from right to left. Does the measurement increase as you expect? If yes, proceed to next step. If no, either reverse the encoder (so cable exits up), *OR* change Pr2 in the programming menu of the Digital Readout (see page 23).
  9. OPTIONAL: Examine the sliding stop assembly.
    In some cases, it may be preferable to have the flip stop very close to the blade. (This allows precise cutting of short parts.)
    In other cases, you may want the flip stop to be away from the blade.
    (This allows cutting of longer parts.)
    The sliding stop assembly can be reversed if desired. See video at for directions to reverse the stop assembly.
  10. OPTIONAL: Install accessory plates. (This can be done later if desired.)
    • a. Remove the round spacer from the bottom of the flip stop assembly using a 3/16” Allen wrench.
    • b. Slide the accessory plate into position at the bottom of the flip stop assembly, as shown below. (This image shows a Reach-In plate.)
    • c. Lift the flip stop up, insert and tighten the supplied installation bolts.

      TIP: If you will use multiple add-on plates with your ProStop, you can program OFFSETS in the digital readout so re-calibration is not necessary when the plates are changed (up to 4 offset values can be stored in memory). Offsets are controlled by programming parameters Pr30 to Pr34.
  11. A plastic end cap is provided for the outboard end of the fence. (Use of this is optional.) To install, hold the cap at the outboard end of the fence profile, and use a rubber mallet to insert into the extrusion.

Initial Calibration

  1. Check to be sure installation of all parts is complete, all fasteners are secure, and the Encoder is plugged into the Digital Readout.
  2. Move the sliding stop close to the blade. Lock the stop in place. (Be sure to lock both handles!)
  3. Cut a sample part to an arbitrary length using the ProStop.
  4. Measure the length of the part with the most precise measuring tool available (i.e. digital calipers).
  5. Without moving the Sliding Stop, press the Datum key to zero the measurement.
  6. Use the PLUS key (or MINUS key) to set the displayed reading equal to the measurement obtained in Step 4.
    Note: You can make the reading change faster by holding the PLUS or MINUS key down. (The rate of change increases each 3 seconds.)
  7. When the correct reading is reached, lock the keypad. This prevents accidental loss of calibration if a key is accidentally pressed:
    • a. Press and hold the ON/OFF key.
    • b. Quickly press and release the UNITS key.
    • c. A LOCK symbol will appear on the screen, and the PLUS, DATUM, and MINUS keys are deactivated.
      Repeat steps a and b to unlock the keypad.

Recalibration should be done:

  • When blade kerf changes, (i.e. after changing the saw blade).
  • When the battery in the readout is replaced.
  • When the accessory plate is changed. (In some cases, using OFFSETS can be used for this instead.)

Digital Stop Operation

See page 8 for part identification.

  1. Unlock both handles.
  2. Move the Sliding Stop to the approximate position that is desired.
  3. Turn the Primary Lock handle until it is locked.
  4. Rotate the Fine Adjust knob to position the Sliding Stop to the exact location. (Each full turn is 0.050 inches.)
  5. Turn the Secondary Lock handle until it is locked.
  6. Position your material against the stop face and complete cut.

Note: The stop can be flipped-up when it’s not needed.

Using Quick Sets

For frequently used cut sizes:

  1. Move the Sliding Stop Assembly to a position/size that you frequently cut.
  2. Slide a Quick Set assembly into the FRONT t-slot of the Fence.
  3. Position the Quick set against the OUTBOARD side of the Sliding Stop Assembly.
  4. Tighten the set screw.
  5. Next time a part is needed at this dimension, flip the Quick-Set “finger” out, and move the Sliding Stop to it.

Note: When not in use, the “finger” is easily folded back into the t-slot.

Orientation of the Quickset is important since it will only allow the Stop Assembly to pass by in one direction when the finger is extended. The image below shows correct installation for a left-side infeed installation.

NOTE: Quick Sets are designed for quickly repositioning the Sliding Stop assembly. They are not intended to be used as an additional stop by themselves.

Customizing the readout’s operation

You may wish to set some initial parameters for your ProStop application to optimize its use. Commonly changed items include:

Measurement Units
The measurement units that are displayed (inch, mm, cm) are selected with each quick press on the UNITS Key.

The resolution of the displayed units is programmed using Programming Parameter Pr4.

Fractions Operation
By default, fractions are rounded DOWN, but this can be changed using parameter Pr6.

Auto-Off Timer
The readout will automatically power off to save power after 15 minutes of inactivity. This timer can be changed using Programming Parameter Pr12. Similarly, the amount of motion needed to wake up the readout is configured using parameter Pr5.

Monitor Mode
The F3 key can be used to enable a MONITOR mode. If the Sliding Stop is moved when this is enabled, all digits on the screen will flash to alert you. Monitor mode can be disabled using Programming Parameter Pr24.

There are several dozen other customizations that can be made to the system, see page 23 for more details on these.


ProStop will operate in a dry environment with non-conductive debris such as sawdust, plastic, metal dust, and small amounts of water splash with no adverse effects. The system should be cleaned of excess debris when necessary to prevent premature damage to the electronic scale and encoder/sensor. The digital readout should be cleaned periodically with compressed air to remove any dust on the lens and keys. If the Sliding Stop becomes difficult to move, be sure the upper T-slot is clear of debris.

Each 6 months:

  • All mounting fasteners should be checked for tightness.
  • Apply wax or dry lubricant to the threads on the fine adjustment shaft.

Every 1-2 years:

  • Replace the Guide Clip.
  • Replace the battery in the readout.

Every 5 years:

  • Replace the small nylon buttons that the Sliding Stop rides on.
  • Replace the 2 lock nuts.

Timing is based on 4 hours of use each day in a reasonably clean indoor environment. Adjust schedule as necessary to suit your use.

Battery Replacement

When the battery in the digital readout needs to be replaced, the battery icon will only show one bar, or you will see a “B FAIL”

message on the screen.
Remove the screws in the upper right and lower left corners of the readout. Pull the cover off. Remove the old battery. Install a new CR123 (or equivalent) battery noting the proper orientation. Replace the cover and screws.
Tip: Be careful to avoid touching parts of the circuit board not related to the battery.

Primary key functions

What happens on a QUICK PRESS of each key?

Key Action
ON/OFF The readout turns on or off.
UNITS The units change. Note: Available units can be restricted with custom programming settings.

When in programming mode, pressing UNITS advances one parameter value with each press.

PLUS The displayed value is increased one unit.
DATUM The displayed value is set to the programmed datum

value. Note: This value is zero by default, but it can be customized to be any value.

MINUS The displayed value is decreased one unit.

What happens if a KEY IS HELD DOWN?

Key Action
ON/OFF Nothing
UNITS Nothing
PLUS The displayed value increases faster each 2 seconds.
DATUM After 4 seconds, the battery voltage is displayed.

After 7 seconds, the readout’s temperature is displayed.

MINUS The displayed value decreases faster each 2 seconds.

Key Combinations:

For these actions, press and hold the first key, then quickly press and release the second key. (This action is the same as making a capital letter on a computer; the first key acts like SHIFT.)

Press and hold Then quickly press and release Action
ON/OFF UNITS LOCK (or unlock) the keypad.
UNITS DATUM Enters or exits the programming mode.*
  • Access to the programming menu requires programming jumper to be in position 1-2. See image on page 18; this is just to the left of the battery.

Supplemental key functions

The digital readout supplied with ProStop has a supplemental keypad that allows additional features to be used. See below for functions of these keys:

Key Quick press action Press and hold action
ABS/INC When in ABS mode, no action.

When in INC mode, the INC value is reset.

When in ABS mode, toggles readout to INC mode.

When in INC mode, toggles readout back to ABS mode.

SEND The currently displayed value is sent to the SPC data port. None
F1 An offset value is applied. (If offset feature is enabled in the programming menu). None
F2 None None
F3 Turns Monitor mode on or off. (If monitor feature is enabled in the programming menu.) None
F4 Turns HOLD mode on or off. (If hold feature is enabled in the programming menu.) None

What do all the Symbols mean?

Symbol Meaning

The digital readout is operating in Absolute measurement mode.
The digital readout is operating in Incremental (temporary) mode. Press and hold ABS/INC key 3 seconds to go back to ABS mode.

The readout is in LOCK mode. This prevents loss of calibration if PLUS, MINUS, or DATUM keys are pressed. See page 20 for key combination to turn this off.
The readout’s display is frozen. When this feature is enabled, press F4 key to turn on/off.

Monitor mode (drift alarm) is turned on. When this feature is enabled, press F3 key to turn on/off.
When any of these are displayed, the readout is adding a programmed offset value to the primary dimension. Offsets are useful if your ProStop is used with multiple add-on plates.

These are used with the 16th and 32nd fractional inch modes. Each bar represents an extra 1/64th long/heavy on the dimension.
When using fractions over 99 inches, one (or both) of these will light to show a value over 100 inches. For example: measurement is 205 5/16. The readout will show 5 5/16 and turn on the +200 indicator.

Minus sign. Turns on when a negative value is displayed.

Battery level indicator. When all 3 bars are lit, the battery is good.
When only bottom bar is lit, a new battery is needed soon.
Vinculum – used in fractions mode to separate numerator from denominator.

Units indicator.
IN is for INCHES or fractions. MM for millimeters.
CM for centimeters.
(Press UNITS key to change.)

Programming Mode

Many features of the readout can be customized (plus additional tools can be enabled) using the programming menu. To enter programming mode, change parameter, or change parameter values, see key press instructions, page 19.

Parameter number What it does Default value
Pr1 Sets the DATUM key value. 0.000
Pr2 0 = default reading direction
1 = reversed reading direction
Pr3 0 = +, – and DATUM keys are operative.

1 = These keys are disabled (LOCK).

Pr4 The resolution for decimal readings. 3
Pr5 Motion needed to wake up the readout. 0.004 inches
Pr6 Do fractions round up or down? 0 (round down)
Pr7 Resolution of 4th decimal place (inches) 1 (.0005” resolution)
Pr11 Controls available units modes. 0 (All units)
Pr12 Auto-off timer (in minutes) 15
Pr13 Linear multiplier 1.00000
Pr14 Encoder compatibility 1 (Absolute scale)
Pr15 LCD contrast adjustment 27
Pr16 Final linear multiplier 1.00000
Pr22 ABS/INC key operation 0 (2 seconds)
Pr23 Supplemental keys enabled? 3 (All enabled)
Pr24 Monitor/hold, Go/NoGo features 0 (Disabled)
Pr25 Go/NoGo values to save 0 (None)
Pr26 Drift Monitor tolerance .01 inches
Pr27 Limits modes used 0 (Not used)
Pr28 Lower limit value 0.000
Pr29 Upper limit value 5.000 inches
Pr30 Offset additions to use 0 (None)
Pr31 First offset value 0.5000 inches
Pr32 Second offset value 2.0000 inches
Pr33 Third offset value 3.0000 inches
Pr34 Fourth offset value 3.0000 inches
Pr35 External input operation mapping #1 0 (No function)
Pr36 External input operation mapping #2 0 (No function)
Pr37 Polarity for Output functions 0 (Normally open)
Pr38 Output Function used 0 (None)

More information about these parameters can be found in the FULL USER MANUAL at

Common Errors

The following is a list of the most common error codes and their meaning.
For additional help with any error message, consult factory.

Message What it means
no Enc There is not an encoder connected to the readout, or the connected encoder has a fault.
no Pos The readout has not been calibrated yet.
b fail The battery in the readout needs to be replaced immediately.
f fail The readout cannot display fractional values larger than 399 63/64 inches.
P fail The battery in the readout needs to be replaced immediately. Check programming values after new battery is installed.
LOCK The keypad is LOCKed, but an attempt was made to change the calibration. Unlock keypad to fix, see page 14.
P LOCK The keypad is LOCKed, but an attempt was made to change the calibration. Change programming parameter Pr3 to fix. (See for more details.)
no oFF Offsets are disabled, but an attempt was made to apply an offset value.
MON flashing Monitor mode is turned on, and the system is out of the allowable position.
no Co Non-linear compensation is enabled, but there is no look-up data for the displayed measurement.
uL, LL Limits mode is turned on, and a limit has been exceeded.
Reset The digital readout’s parameters have just been defaulted.


The following parts can be added to increase the ProStop system’s utility:

45-90 degree Stop Plate

This plate is reversible and can be used for mitred or square cut parts.

45-90 degree Stop Plate, reversed version

Same as above, but easier to use if your mitred parts are measured on the OUTSIDE (long) leg.

Note: This add-on should be factory ordered with your ProStop system as other non-standard parts are included.

Vertical Stop Plate Assembly

This provides a larger contact area on the Sliding Stop. Contact plate is 3.5” tall x 4” wide.

Gang Stops

There are 3 sizes to choose from: 8 inches extension from fence 10 inches extension from fence 12 inches extension from fence

Reach-in plate

Ideal for installations where a stop surface is needed to ‘reach-in’ closer the blade. This plate has 12 inches reach beyond the side of the Sliding Stop.

Quick Sets

For applications that can benefit from additional indexes


Need something not pictured here?

Let our engineering team know what you need, and we will work with you to make it happen!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does no Enc mean?
The Sliding Stop has been moved too fast, or The encoder and the readout are not communicating.
To clear this error:

  1. Be sure the encoder is on the electronic scale.
  2. Unplug the encoder from the readout for five seconds.
  3. Connect the encoder to the readout.

What does b FAIL mean?
When the readout displays this message, it means the battery voltage has dropped to a level where reliable operation is no longer possible. Install a new battery to clear this message.

What does P FAIL mean?
When the readout displays this message, it means the battery voltage has dropped to a level where reliable programming is not possible. Install a new battery to clear this message.

The readout does not change, or changes very little, as it moves.

  1. The readout is in the HOLD mode.
  2. One of the linear scaling factors are set to very small value.
  3. The encoder is not properly captured by the Guide Clip. See page 13 for details.

Thank you for choosing a ProScale Product,


Accurate Technology, Inc.
270 Rutledge Rd. Unit E
Fletcher, NC 28732 USA

Part # 800-1080-100
Copyright © 2020, Accurate Technology, Inc. All rights reserved.

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