hp 8020e Series Office Jet Pro

hp 8020e Series Office Jet Pro-

Control panel

hp 8020e Series Office Jet Pro-FIG-1

Printer features hp 8020e Series Office Jet Pro-FIG-2

  1. Document feeder
  2. Scanner lid
  3. Output tray
  4. Input tray
  5. The power light and Wireless light
  6. Power button

Do not use USB for setup

Printers with a label covering the USB port must be set up with HP Smart and an Internet connection. After setup, you can print using a USB cable if needed, but the printer must also remain connected to the Internet.

Help and tips for Wi-Fi and connectivity

If the software is unable to find your printer during setup, check the following conditions to resolve
the issue.

Potential Issue Solution

not blinking, the printer

hp 8020e Series Office Jet Pro-FIG-3

If the blue Wi-Fi light is not blinking, the printer might not be in Wi-Fi setup mode. Restart setup mode:

  1. Swipe down to open the control panel Dashboard.
  2. Touch > Network Setup > Restore Network Settings. Touch Yes, when prompted.
  3. Wait for one minute. Close and reopen HP Smart, and then try connecting again.

Computer or mobile device too far from the printer
Move your computer or mobile device closer to the printer. Your device might be out of range of the printer’s Wi-Fi signal.

The computer is connected to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or remote work network

Disconnect from a VPN before installing HP Smart software. You can’t install apps from the Microsoft Store when connected to a VPN.
Connect to the VPN again after finishing printer setup.
Note: Consider your location and the security of the Wi-Fi network before disconnecting from a VPN.

Wi-Fi turned off on computer (computer connected by Ethernet)
If your computer is connected by Ethernet, turn on the computer’s Wi-Fi while setting up the printer. You don’t need to disconnect the Ethernet cable.

Bluetooth and location services are turned off on your mobile device
If setting up with a mobile device, turn on Bluetooth and location services. This helps the software find your network and printer.
Note: Your location is not being determined and no location information is being sent to HP as part of the setup process.

Help and Support
For printer troubleshooting and videos, visit the HP support site. Enter your model name to find the printer.


Documents / Resources

hp 8020e Series Office Jet Pro [pdf] User Guide
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