8Bitdo Twin Cube Speakers User Manual

TwinCube Speakers Manual


Press POWER button on each speaker. LED on each speaker will rapidly blink.


(1) Press and hold|| PLAY button on any of the two speakers for 3 seconds
(2) When you hear ‘Party Searching, speakers enter pairing mode.
(3) When you hear Party Connected, speakers are successfully paired.
(4) LE D on the primary/left speaker will slowly blinktwice every cycle. LED on the secondary/right speaker will slowly blink once each cycle.


(1) Bluetooth: find [8Bitdo TwinCube] in your device’s Bluetooth setting, click to connect
(2) Audio cable: plug your audio cable in AUX IN port on the primary speaker to connect.
.TwinCube Speakers will auto reconnect to last paired device.


(1)  || Play : 1.Play/Pause,  2.AUX IN mode: Silent / Sound back
(2) +/- volume


Press and hold POWER button on each speaker to turn off the system, you will hear a beeping sound.


Additional Information


(1) Press POWER button on any of the two speakers.
(2) Find [8Bitdo TwinCube] in your device’s Bluetooth setting, click to connect
(3) LED will stay solid, there will also be a sound indicating that connection is successful


(1) Music playing will be replaced by ring tone when there is an in-coming call
(2) Press || PLAY button to answer/stop phone call
(3) Press and hold ||  PLAY button to resume music playing.


Plug in USB cable LED stays solid LED turns off when battery is fully charged. Charging time >= time 2.5 hours.


Please visit support.8bitdo.com for further information and additional support.

(1) Power
(2) Volume-
(3) Play/Pause Answer Phone Call)
(4) Volume +
(5) Battery LED
(6) USB Port
(7) Bluetooth LED
(8) AUX IN

@Done by Fazlul Haque

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