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This provides a guide to the assembly and installation of the BG Electrical enclosure unit.
This product must be installed by a competent person in accordance with the current IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) and Building Regulations.
Ensure ALL screws are fully tightened before use. (Please refer to torque settings table)
Please ensure the electrical supply is disconnected before installation.

  1. Remove the front cover by opening the visor, and undoing retaining screws. Note – screws are captive and will not fall out.
  2. Provide cable access via either 20mm or 32mm knockouts on the top and bottom faces, 32mm knockouts on the side face, or a large knockout in the base. Only remove the minimum number required. Ensure IP rating is maintained e.g, use of glands.
  3. Secure to the wall. Use one keyhole slot to hang in position, ensure fitted level, and use other fixing holes to firmly secure.
  4. Fit different devices to DIN rail if required, and ensure cables are connected to the devices and the neutral and earth terminal bars.
    Note: Busbar and neutral cable are supplied with this enclosure.
  5. Ensure all connections are secure and terminal screws fully tightened. Recommended max torque for terminal screws, MCBs and RCBOs is 2Nm, Switch is 3.5Nm, and RCD is 2.5Nm. (Please refer to torque settings table)
  6. Test in accordance with the current IET wiring regulations.
  7. Add cover-mounted blanks supplied if required.
  8. Refit cover, and secure using screws.
  9. Apply RCD test label and circuit identification labels to the front cover above devices.


Tools – Screwdriver PZ 2 or Flat screwdriver, knife, and pliers.
Cleaning – use a soft damp cloth with lukewarm water (only clean outside of unit).
Standards – All consumer units have been designed to comply with the requirements of BS EN 62208, BS EN 61439-3, BS 7671, and Part P document.


BG Electrical products are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of delivery: products will be repaired or (at BG Electrical’s discretion) replacements will be supplied or (at BG Electrical’s discretion) a credit note will be issued.
This guarantee is subject to BG Electrical’s conditions of sale and in particular to the following conditions being met:

  1. Notification of any defect is given to BG Electrical as soon as reasonably practicable after becoming apparent, and the products are then returned to BG Electrical.
  2. The products have only been operated under normal operating conditions and have only been subject to normal use.
  3. No work (other than normal and proper maintenance) has been carried out to the products without BG Electrical’s prior written consent.
  4. The products have been assembled, or incorporated into other goods, by a qualified and recognized electrician and only in accordance with any instructions issued by BG Electrical.
  5. The defect has not arisen from an item manufactured or supplied by a person other than BG Electrical.

This guarantee does not affect any consumer statutory rights.
All components used in a BG Electrical enclosure must be supplied by BG Electrical. The use of any other components will negate compliance with BS EN 61439 and the BG Electrical Guarantee. Failure to fit the enclosure in accordance with these instructions will invalidate the guarantee.

Environmental Protection
Dustbin Icon This symbol is known as the “Crossed-out Wheelie Bin Symbol”. When this symbol is marked on a product or battery. It means that it should not be disposed of with your general household waste. Some chemicals contained within electrical/electronic products or batteries can be harmful to health and the environment. Only dispose of electrical/electronic/battery items in separate collection schemes, which cater to the recovery and recycling of materials contained within. Your co-operation is vital to ensure the success of these schemes and for the protection of the environment.

Batch Code Explanation
yyWxx: Manufacturing date code; year of manufacturing (yy) and week of manufacturing (Wxx)

Torque Settings Metal Enclosure icon Metal Enclosure icon1 Cable >1.5mm2
Tightening torque (Nm)
Cable 1.5mm2
Tightening torque (Nm)
Cable stripping
Consumer Unit Terminals
Earth and Neutral Terminal Bars M5 7. 2 1. 11
Switch Disconnector M7 9 4. 2. 14
Circuit Protection
MCB M5 9 2 1. 14
RCB0 M5 9 2Nm L/ in –
1.2Nm L / N out
1. 14
RCD M6 10. 3. 1. 14

Interface Characteristics

Rated & Operational voltage (Un / Use) 230V A.0 50Hz
Rated & Insulation voltage (Ui) 500V A.0 50Hz
Rated impulse withstand voltage (Up) 4kV
Rated current of the Assembly (InA)
Note: dependant upon a rating of the main incoming device
100A, 63A, 80A, 40A
Rated current of an outgoing circuit (Inc) MCB 6A-50A (marked rating of current on device) RCBO 6A-40A (marked rating of current on device)
Rated current of outgoing unit (Inc) RCD 40A 63A 80A (marked rated current on device)
Rated conditional short-circuit current of the assembly (Icc) ICC=16KA
Protection against electric shock The consumer unit shall be installed in an electrical system conforming to the current edition of IEC 60364 / BS7671
Rated diversity factor (RDF) / Values of assumed loading
Number of outgoing circuits Assumed Loading factor
2 and 3 0,8
4 and 5 0,7
Note: RDF only applies to continuously and simultaneously load circuits. In principle this means adjacent circuit breakers having a load ‘on’ time exceeding 30 minutes or where a load not exceeding 30 minutes has an ‘off’ timeless then the ‘on’ time will need to have the rating diversity factor applied as indicated Table and ratings based on a continuous rating of 90A
Rated Frequency (fn) 50Hz
Pollution degree 2
Types of earthing systems for which the assembly is designed Indoor use only Stationary Assembly
Degree of protection IP2XC/IP65
Intended for use in domestic (residential) or similar premises
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) classification A
External design Wall-mounted, surface type, enclosed assembly
Mechanical impact protection IK05
The type of construction Fixed parts
Type A DBO Distribution board for use by ordinary persons

Technical Helpline:- 03300249279

Supplied by
Luceco PLC
Stafford Park 1
Telford TF3 3BD

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