1MORE Dynamic Driver In-Ear Earphones Fashion Headphones with Ergonomic Comfort



  • Product Dimensions 
    1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight 
    0.8 ounces
  • Batteries 
    2 Lithium Polymer batteries
  • Connectivity Technology 
  • Noise Control 
    Sound Isolationb
  • Audio Sensitivity 
    98 dB
  • Impedance 
    32 Ohm
  • Plug
    3.5 mm
  • Frequency Range
     20-20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity
     98 dB
  • Remote control and mic
  • Type
  • Brand
    1 More


The 1M301s are amazingly good-sounding earbuds for the money and don’t have any obvious flaws, with the exception of less isolation, which might not be enough for certain people’s public or commuting use. Some folks can also favour bass that is highlighted more. The 1M301s have a wide perceived sound staging as a result of their excellent clarity, separation, and separation. Overall, they are a very good option for cheap earbuds and are unquestionably in the best-of discussion. After some further a/b testing with rivals, they may very well make it onto our list. Our Single Driver In-Ears perfectly encapsulate 1MORE’s mission: We’re not in the headphone business just to make money. We are in the music delivery business. Every acoustic nuance that the artist intended you to hear is captured by our Single Drivers. They essentially vanish, leaving nothing standing between you and your music.

The 1MORE 1M301 earbuds combine cutting-edge technology with excellent craftsmanship to deliver immersive listening in line with your own preferences. The designed diaphragm blends two outer layers of PET, a durable polymer, with aerospace grade metal to provide true-to-life sound with dramatic bass. The classic Chinese red and titanium grey combine to accentuate the overall fashion of these pairs, fusing cool and warm elements for greater harmony while utilising double-colored ear tips.

What’s In the Box?

  • Advert pamphlet
  • Three pairs of different sized silicone replacement tips
  • Soft carrying case
  • Additional hard carrying case
  • User Manual

Headphone Front and Back

With the included medium tips, the earbuds were a decent fit for me right out of the package. Although the nozzles feel a little shallow, I was still able to obtain a good seal, and even when I moved my head and mouth, it didn’t break. The buds are beautiful and light, and there was no feeling of drooping or hanging out with them.

Wire and Joint

For earbuds this cheap, the wire is actually extremely excellent. Traditional soft plastic insulation on the left and right wires feels strong and appears to have no effect on microphonics. The main wire actually transforms into a woven fabric insulator below the joint, which is both strong and incredibly bendable.


Less audible and recessed, but generally still quite clean and good sounding. No upward bleeding, muddiness, or other issues of the like that are frequently present in less expensive headphones. Despite not having the same “umph” as genuine basshead headphones, the various drops I tested still came through fully and didn’t drop off at all, and they didn’t lose tone or pitch either.


Although I was unable to locate impedance specifications, I don’t think it would be particularly unusual. I did have to set my device’s volume up 20 to 30 percent over normal to bring it to my usual listening volume because the sensitivity rating of 98 is on the low side, but overall I don’t think any device will have trouble driving them or getting them loud enough.

Optimal Fit

The Single Drivers’ oblique angles fit snugly against your ears’ natural curve, enhancing bass, fullness, and noise isolation.

Android and iOS

You can easily change the volume, play songs, and answer calls using iOS and Android In-line remote controllers since they work with Apple (iPhone/iPad). For crystal clear phone calls, a superior MEMS microphone minimises background static and crosstalk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Battery life between charges? 
    There are no batteries these are wired.
  • Any idea why my mic doesn’t work sometimes? It goes in and out 
    I had the same issue about 9 months after purchase. I put a piece of tape around it and haven’t had an issue since!
  • Does the microphone work with apple lightning adapter on iphone se 2020? 
  • Are the cords really red as in the picture on the website? 
    I don’t know if they change the color of the cords periodically, but mine are black.
  • Has anyone tested these with the Apple lightning dongle on an iPhone 7? 
    Yeah, they work great. I think they might even sound clearer and louder. Mic and controls work as well.
  • How long is the cable? 
    Roughly 48 inches from op of the plug to the bottom of the ear buds
  • How do you go to the previous song through controls? Triple clicking just skips two songs for me 
    It depends on what device you are using as your music player. For an iOS device, it should work just like that; double press the middle, skip current song, and triple press either restarts the song or goes to the previous one. If you’re using an android device, it depends on what app you are using. The default music apps often don’t support this feature, but many third party music apps do. Poweramp is an example. If you are using a DAP like a Fiio or a Sony Walkman, you need to check the manufacturer’s specifications because support varies greatly between devices like these. I cannot speak for Windows or Blackberry phones.
  • Do these require batteries? 
    The ‘dynamic driver’ model requires a headphone jack, and no batteries
  • Can you skip to the next track from the controls? 
    Yes! Hit twice it goes ahead and three times it goes back. Works great! Also- Check out their triple drivers. These are the best inexpensive in ears I’ve ever owned. Those are the best headphones period I’ve ever owned.
  • Single versus Triple Driver? is the 4x price difference worth getting over the single driver? 
    No idea on the difference between the two, but I bought these when the Skull Candy buds stopped being made. These are some of the best cheap ear buds I’ve ever bought. The packaging is phenomenal and I have abused the heck out of them (rain, sweat, stepped on, etc) and over 8 months later they’re still going strong. Sound is on par with the skull candy buds if you wore those.
  • Where can I get bigger tips for these? Even the large ones included aren’t big enough for me 
    There are many aftermarket brands of ear tips, try searching “replacement headphone eartips”, i’m sure you’ll find something large enough. Just make sure it can fit these particular headphones, one size is not fit all.

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