1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds, in-Ear Headphones



  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Wireless, Water-resistant, Noise-Canceling
  • FIT TYPE: In-Ear
  • MATERIAL: Silicone
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 4.72 x 4.21 x 1.73 inches
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 0.131 ounces


In order to give true quiet, we integrated 1MORE’s exclusive QuietMax active noise cancelling technology into the ComfoBuds Mini’s small design. You may receive a more immersive listening experience with noise cancellation depth of up to 40dB. Additionally, the earphones let you switch between various listening modes to accommodate various situations. The ComfoBuds Mini are the tiniest and lightest ANC earbuds in the entire world. One earbud weighs just 3.7g, and thanks to their extra-small size and ergonomic construction, they are both “invisible” and incredibly comfortable to wear. To achieve the ideal fit for your ear and improve audio quality, silicone ear tips in four sizes are offered. Even while phoning in a carnival parade, your voice will sound clear thanks to two mics that are secretly housed in the tiny earphone body and work in tandem to filter out background noise, accurately pick up your voice, and enhance it.

Despite being small, the sound quality is unaffected. Rich, strong, realistic sound that is typically only found in large, bulky headphones is produced by a 7mm dynamic driver. Additionally, the incorporation of SoundID technology enables you to obtain the ideal sound for your ears and preferences. Say goodbye to tangled connections with the ComfoBuds Mini TWS earphones’ super-easy on-the-go wireless charging that is Qi compliant.


  • STEP 1
    Remove the 1More ANC TWS earbuds from the charging case; Bluetooth pairing mode will be activated immediately.
  • STEP 2
    Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone or Android devices.
  • STEP 3
     From the Bluetooth list, choose the 1More earphones ID.
  • STEP 4
     Your phone and one more ANC TWS earbuds will then be successfully linked.


Placing the 1MORE true wireless ANC earphones in the charging case will start the automated charging process. And the charging process takes about 30 minutes.


Open the charging case in step one. The earbuds will link with one another and switch on automatically. They will be prepared to couple when a light alternately flashes red and blue. Step 2: On the desired device, activate Bluetooth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1MORE ComfoBuds are water-resistant?
    1MORE ComfoBuds Mini Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds, In-Ear Stereo Headphones with Bluetooth 5.2 Headset, Clear Calls, Wireless Charging, Soothing Sound, Waterproof, Black Get more information on free returns.
  • How is the 1MORE elegant genuine wireless reset?
    Press and hold the Vol+ and Vol- buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to clear the pairing history. Your headphones will automatically enter the “discoverable” mode and have their pairing history cleaned.
  • Exists an app for 1MORE?
    An APP for 1MORE headphones is called 1MORE Assistant. Smart burn-in, 1MORE music, one-key Bluetooth connection, 1MORE button, official store, etc. are some of the features offered by the software.
  • What is 1MORE smart burn-in?
    Try out the 1MORE Smart Burn-in APP; it will help your headphones reach a more mature state faster. Download the 1MORE Assistant for smart burn-in that begins with the press of a single button once the headphones are connected. According to individual preferences, the user can choose the burn-in audio, level, and length.
  • How are 1MORE earphones cleaned?
    After brushing, wipe the area around the grill and the earbud itself with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. Alcohol aids in removing any leftover ear wax while also sterilizing the surface. Avoid oversaturating the swab while cleaning the grill because you don’t want to risk liquid seeping in and harming the drivers.
  • Why are my earbuds only functioning on one side?
    Look over the settings. Depending on your audio settings, headphones might only play in one ear. So, make sure the mono option is off in your audio properties by checking your audio properties. Make sure the voice levels on both earbuds are balanced as well.
  • Why won’t my earbuds link with one another?
    If the battery in your headphones is low, they might not be able to pair. Additionally, I’ve discovered that certain Bluetooth headphones stay on when in the case, which causes them to deplete to zero percent more quickly than you would expect. Even if they claim to have some battery left, try plugging them in and giving them a thorough charge before pairing.
  • Why are my earbuds unable to connect to my laptop?
    Ensure that your gadget is on, charged, or has new batteries, and that it is in close proximity to the PC you want to connect to. Then, try the following: Your Bluetooth device should be turned off, left idle for a moment, and then restarted. Verify the Bluetooth range of your device.
  • How are 1more earbuds used?
    When headphones are turned off and not in use, pressing and holding the Right button for two seconds initiates pairing mode. When the power is on and there is no phone call, press and hold the Right button for 2 seconds. The headphones will skip the recorded device and couple to the new one.
  • My earbuds won’t turn on; why?
    Your Bluetooth headphones are probably not faulty if they won’t switch on. All you have to do is reset it. In fact, a quick factory reset can fix a variety of Bluetooth headset issues, including: If your Bluetooth headset won’t connect to your laptop or smartphone.

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