Huawei FreeBuds Instruction Manual

Huawei FreeBuds

Huawei FreeBuds Instruction Manual

1. In the Box
2 x FeeBuds
1 x Charging Case
4 x EarTips ( L, M, S, XS )
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Warranty Card
2 x Skin-friendly Silicone ring ( include L & R)

* Microphone Decoration surface is covered by installing coating

LED Indicator

Bluetooth Paring

Call Function

Sleep & Charge
Put both FeeBuds inside and Close the charging case to sleep & Charge.

Bluetooth Paring
1. 1st Time Pairing
• Open the charging case (with both FreeBuds inside). Press and hold the function button for 2s to start Bluetooth pairing (the indicator will blink in blue).

• Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, select “HUAWEI FreeBuds” from the Bluetooth device list, and tap to connect.

Due to the characteristics of all Bluetooth headsets, electromagnetic waves from close vicinities may interfere with your Bluetooth connection, causing your
FreeBuds to become silent or disconnected.

2. Auto Reconnect
• Reopen the charging case, the FreeBuds will reconnect to your previous device(s) automatically.

Smart Control
1. Call Function
• Double-tap either FreeBud to answer an incoming call & double-tap again to end it.

Ensure to wear your FreeBuds properly. If you experience an abnormality during a call, adjust your headset to the proper position.

2. Music Function
• Double-tap your right FreeBud to play / pause music, or simply take out either
FreeBud to pause music.

3. Voice Assistant
• Double-tap your left FreeBud to activate voice assistant (requires voice
assistant enabled smartphone).

Sleep & Charge
• Put both FreeBuds inside and close the charging case to sleep & charge.
• If the indicator remains red, it indicates that it is still charging; if the indicator turns green, it indicates that it is fully charged.

Restore Factory Settings
• Open the charging case, put both FreeBuds inside. Press and hold the function
button for 10s to reset.
• The indicator will blink in red, green, and blue alternatively for 3 times.

Safety Information
Before you use the device, read the following precautions carefully to ensure
optimal product performance and to avoid danger or violation of laws and

To prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume levels
for long periods.
• Do not use the device at locations where the use of wireless devices is prohibited due to potential interference with other electronic devices, which may cause safety hazards.

• In clinics and hospitals where the use of wireless devices is prohibited, please comply with the regulations and power off your device.

• Some wireless devices may interfere with implantable medical devices and other
medical equipment, such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, and hearing aids.
Consult the manufacturer of your medical equipment for more information.

• When using the device, keep a minimum distance of 15 cm between this device
and implantable medical devices (such as pacemakers or cochlear implants).

• Do not set the volume on your earbuds too high in order to prevent damage to
your hearing. Prolonged exposure to high audio volumes may cause irreversible
hearing damage.

• Using your earbuds while driving may cause you to become distracted.

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Download Huawei FreeBuds Manual [PDF]

Hey Band S08 Watch Instruction Manual

Hey Band S08 Watch Instruction Manual

1. Product specifications

Product specifications

2. SO8 User guide

1. Notice for first use
a.If it’s your first use,you need to start up the band by long pressing the touch-key right under the screen.

b.You need to check whether the battery is wearing out if the long pressing doen’t work.

c.If the battery is wearing out,please charge the battery using the matching charger before starting up the band.

d.When the wristband is staring up,you need to synchronous time using Hey Band App.

e.When the wristband is binded with Hey Band App,enjoy your whole new life by the band!

2 Function explanation
a.Step counter The wristband would compute your daily step counts walking time sports milage and consumption precisely.

b.sleep monitor The wristband would moniter your daily sleep quality,statistics the deep sleep and shalow sleep time.

c. Health measure The wristband can measure your current health information,including heart rate blood oxygen
blood pressure and fatigue degree(This is for your reference only,not for medical use)

d.alarm clock/message reminder alarm clock/phone/QQ/wechat/SMS/long sitting/ drink water reminder.

e.remote take picture The wristband support remote taking picture by phone.

3. Assembly and wear
a.fetch the wristband

b.Wear the wristband to the wrist .Adjust the watchband.

Assembly and wear

4 APP installtion explanation Search “Hey band” in Android app store or in iOS APP Store.Also can you scan the QR Code downstairs .

APP installtion explanation

5. Wristband binding instructions
a.Open the APP,Complete the user register.

b.Follow the instructions to bind the device after login.

6) Wristband Instructions
Wristband binding is successful, immediately began to record and analyze your movement, sleep.

Home screen: Date,time,power,Blueto oth status

Home screen

Short press button to enter the heart rate main interface

Heart rate interface: Displays the heart rate measurement value

Heart rate interface: Displays the heart rate measurement value

1. short press the button will enter the account step interface;
2. Press the button to start the heart rate measurement, about 10 seconds after the start of real-time heart rate values, to be a heart rate value, then press again to end the measurement.

Steps interface: Displays the total number of steps in the day

Steps interface

Calories Interface: Displays the day’s calories

Calories Interface

Short press to enter the mileage interface

Mileage interface: Shows the mileage of the day

Mileage interface

Short press button to enter sleep interface

Sleep interface: Shows the previous night’s sleep time

Steps interface

Short press button to enter the camera interface

Camera interface: Remote APP camera

Camera interface

1. If the APP does not open the Wristband camera interface, press the button to enter the APP remote control APP camera interface;

2. If APP has opened the Wristband camera interface, long press the button remote control APP camera

3. Press the key to enter the shutdown interface

Shutdown interface: Control Wristband shutdown

Shutdown interface

Long press the button, the Wristband appears shutdown animation;
short press to enter the main screen

FCC Caution
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the
following two conditions:
(1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and

(2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

Any Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for
compliance could void the user’s authority to operate the equipment.

Note: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

This equipment generates uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not
installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures:
-Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
-Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver.
-Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.
-Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TVtechnician for help.

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Download Hey Band S08 Watch Manual [PDF]

Monster Clarity HD Bluetooth Headphones Manual

Monster Clarity HD Bluetooth Headphones
Monster Clarity HD Bluetooth Headphones

Monster Clarity HD Bluetooth Headphones Manual

Get the most out of your equipment and enjoy great audio performance even at safe levels. Our headphones will allow you to hear more details at lower volume levels than ever before.

Learn how to establish a safe listening level and review other important safety guidelines from the Consumer Electronics Association at Important information on how to prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) and a comprehensive list of which noises can cause damage can be found on the Deafness Research Foundation’s website,

Physiology of the Ear and Hearing

Physiology of the Ear and Hearing

For additional information on what loud noises do to your ear and more on protecting the ear, reference

Use Responsibly
Do not use headphones when it’s unsafe to do so—while operating a vehicle, riding a bike, crossing streets, or during any activity or in an environment where your full attention to your surroundings is required.

It‘s dangerous to drive while wearing headphones, and in many places, illegal because it decreases your chances of hearing life-saving sounds outside of your vehicle, such as another car’s horn and emergency vehicle sirens.

Please avoid wearing your headphones while driving.
Use one of Monster’s FM transmitters to listen to your mobile media devices through your car stereo instead.

Wipe earcups with a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap solution.

Using Finger Tip Controls
The surface of the right ear cup is a touch sensitive control surface. The center section (the logo) serves as a play/pause control. Tap once for play/pause also for answer/end.

Swipe motion on the touch pad works as a volume control. Swipe up for more volume, swipe down for less volume. Tap action anywhere on the touch pad works as track forward/track back control. Tap two times for the next track. Tap three times for the previous track.

Key Features and Parts
The headset contains the following parts:

Key Features and Parts

Before using the headset wirelessly, you need to charge the battery and pair the headset with a compatible device.

The package includes a Micro USB cable that can be connected to your computer or other device made for USB charging. You can use a standard USB compatible charging device that plugs directly into a wall socket, or you can plug the USB cable directly into a laptop or PC. Plug the Micro USB end of the included USB cable into the USB micro port charger connector under the right earcup of the headphone. Plug the other end into a USB port on your computer or other devices made for USB charging. The indicator light will be red while charging. Once fully charged, the LED will be off. Charge time is 2 hours on an empty battery. The fully charged battery has power for up to 20 hours talking and/or music time. In this mode you can listen to your headphones via Bluetooth wireless communication or through the 3.5mm audio in.

1. Ensure that your phone or music player is switched on.

2. To pair the headset if it has not been previously paired with a device, switch on the headset, it will enter the pairing mode automatically and the blue and red indicator light starts to flash quickly. The headset is ready to pair with your device.

3. To pair the headset if it has been previously paired with another device, ensure that the headset is switched off, and press and hold the multifunction key (for about five seconds) until the blue and red indicator light starts to flash quickly.

4. Activate the Bluetooth feature on your phone or music player, and set it to search for Bluetooth devices.

5. Select “ClarityHD On Ear” from the list of found devices on your phone or music player.

6. If necessary, enter passcode 0000 to pair and connect the headset to your device.

Using ClarityHD On-Ear Without Battery Power
If your ClarityHD On-Ear headphone is not charged, Bluetooth wireless communication will not be available.

No Batteries Required
You can use your ClarityHD On-Ear headphone as a wired headphone to save batteries or if your batteries are not charged. Simply connect one end of the cable to the bottom of the earcup and the other to your wireless capable or wired MP3 player. By inserting an audio cable in this way, ClarityHD On-Ear wireless functionality is automatically disabled.

Disconnect the Headphone
To disconnect the headset from your device, switch off
the headset, or disconnect it in the Bluetooth menu of
your device.

Reconnect the Headphone
To connect the headset to the phone or music player that you last used with it, switch on the headset or make the connection in the Bluetooth menu of your device.

Headset Controls

Headset Controls

*Action during call.

Headset Controls Listen to Music
To listen to music, connect the headset to a compatible music player that supports A2DP Bluetooth profile. The available music functions depend on your music player.
To play a song, select the song in the music player and press the play/pause key on the ClarityHD On-Ear Headset. To pause or resume playing a song, press the play/pause key.

If you receive or make a call while listening to music, the music is paused until the call ends.

receive or make a call while listening to music

Headphones “Break-in”
Break-in time for headphones? We’re kidding, right? No we’re not. Like any high performance product, whether it’s cars or headphones, they’re mechanical devices that settle in after use. Your new headphones will sound incredible out of the box, but will “mellow” out after use and sound even better. We recommend playing them for 8 hours. After 20 hours of playing, they should be fully broken in. Enjoy.

If applicable, battery must be recycled or disposed of properly.

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Download Monster Clarity HD Bluetooth Headphones Manual [PDF]

JBL BAR Soundbar Pairing Instructions (Fix Auto-pair)

How do I pair the subwoofer to my JBL BAR soundbar if pairing does not happen automatically?

Normal pairing is automatic, and happens when you first switch both devices on. If pairing does not take place automatically, or you have to force new pairing, here is what to do: Turn on the soundbar and the subwoofer. If the connection is lost, the LED indicator on the subwoofer blinks slowly. Second, press the CONNECT button on the subwoofer to enter pairing mode. The LED indicator on the subwoofer blinks quickly. Third, press and hold the DIM DISPLAY button on the remote control for 5 seconds, followed by short press on BASS+, and BASS- button in sequence. Panel display will show “PAIRING”. If pairing succeeds, the LED indicator on the subwoofer lights up, and the soundbar display will show “DONE”. If pairing fails, the indicator on the subwoofer blinks slowly. Lastly, if the pairing fails, repeat the steps above. If you have continued trouble performing the pairing, please try to switch off all wireless devices in the home, then try again. This means routers, TV sets with wireless functions, telephones, computers etc. Since overcrowding on the 2.4 GHz frequency now often causes problems, eliminating all this activity makes space for the Bar to establish its connection, and you should be able to pair without problems. Afterwards, you can switch your devices on again. Often, all will now work fine, and if not, you will know which devices are doing the interference.

Reset / Change Pairing Source on JBL Everest / Everest Elite

How do I reset my Everest or Everest Elite headphone to pair with another Bluetooth source?

With the headphone in OFF state, press and hold the ON/OFF button for about 7 seconds for the Everest, 16 seconds for the Everest ELITE models. (ELITE changes to 7 seconds as well from software 0.5.6). Bluetooth memory is now erased, and new pairings can be made. An ELITE headphone permits pairing with one source device at a time. If you do not want to do a complete reset as described above, you can use the following method. Without reset, ELITE will try to re-pair with the last source when switched ON. If the last source is not detected, maybe because you want to use another source device, switch the ELITE off and on again, and make sure that the last source device you used is no longer switched ON. This way the ELITE will not be able to “see” the old source, and it will search for a new one. Now the ELITE will again search for the last paired source, and since it cannot find it after some seconds, it will switch back to be open for pairing with a new source. The LED will blink red/blue as an indication of this. The Everest BT models permit pairing with two source devices simultaneously. If you have used both source pairings, and want to pair to a third source, please perform the reset as described above (hold the ON/OFF button for about 7 seconds with the Everest OFF). Now you can again pair two source devices.